Professional Image Editing & Retouching

Whatever the category Our professionals are ready to work on your photographs to deliver the results as per your request.


Karavali Premedia Imaging Service

Our imaging services includes complete range of editing and retouching such as Color correction, Hair masking, Clipping path, Shadow/Reflection, Body retouching, Ghost mannequin, Jewellery retouch, Removal of Unwanted Objects, Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast, Removal of Camera Flashes, Cropping and Rotation, Background changing & image blending. Our creative imaging team can also work as per your request. We have showcased some of the imaging services below..


A path, the most simple and basic tool used to cut out backgrounds, separate objects in one frame.

A path or clipping path is used most often in the eCommerce industry to cut out products from their background and give them a cleaner, neater look.

But as simple as it sounds, a pixel here and there can cause your image to look bad, when zoomed in or placed in public spaces, online or offline. A precision path is done when your product is neatly cut out not cut into, and the background isn’t included in the cut out. Right?

Having worked for over 12 years, we understand how a simple path can have mistakes that seem tiny but have a big impact. That’s why we focus not just on speed, but more importantly quality of our work.A perfectly cut out silo – You want it, We got it!



Color is so important, because it affects not just the look of your product but also the mood and feel of a piece. It can bring a lifeless image to life. At KPS we understand the impact of the images can have on your customers. Changing colors on an image, correcting exposure, saturation, white balance, etc, can be done using Color correction.If you’ve shot in natural light, or outdoor shoots, chances are you many need color correction or grading done.

With an eye for detail, and the focus to keep the image in tune with the brand, KPS ensures, your customers are made to evoke the feeling you’re trying to convey. Think of the last time you felt like eating a doughnut by just looking at a picture of it? Exactly.


There are pictures that look retouched.And there are those that don’t.We know the difference.Retouching can vary from a small touch up to a great deal of corrections on a photo.

With an eye for detail and design, our professional retouchers can get the results you desire.Our focus is to not go too far with retouching as the image can end up looking fake. Based on what you need, we adjust the levels of retouching accordingly. At KPS, we ensure your product looks authentic, yet natural. A well retouched photo conveys not just authenticity, but also builds trust with your customers.



When you want to cut out a product from its background, a clipping path or silo works well. But when you have amodel shot or a pet, or product with soft blurry edges like fur, a clipping path just doesn’t cut it. That’s when we used a method called Masking. Using Masking, we can alter the colors and textures of several parts of the image. Even if the model didnt photograph that well, Using masking, anything can be separately played with and altered..If you had to change the color of a garment that can’t be clipped, masking could do that for you. Masking can be tricky at times, that’s where we come in.

With our expertise in masking model images, separating each garment, plus skin and hair, to masking e-commerce images, products that have fur or softer edges, you can sit back and relax, while we send your perfectly masked images done to your specifications.


People may not be able to tell instantly, but if a shadow is missing from your picture, chances are, you’re pitcure is going to end up looking a little ‘off’. Using Drop Shadows, or retouching the existing natural shadows in your picture, to give your product a natural and perfect look.
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