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Fashion photo editing is the process of retouching and enhancing images of models and clothing to create a desired look or feel. This can be done for both print and digital media. Common techniques used in fashion photo editing include airbrushing, colour correction, and resizing.

Fashion photo editors often have to work with a wide range of images, from carefully curated editorial shots to raw runway photos. As such, they need to be skilled in various software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Fashion photo editing is important for several reasons. By retouching photos, you can remove blemishes and skin imperfections, make people look thinner or more toned, and even change the colour of their clothing or hair. This allows designers to show off their clothes in the best possible light and helps consumers visualize how they might look in the clothes they're considering buying.

Photo editing can also create completely new looks that wouldn't be possible in real life. For example, you could use a photo editor to add a new headpiece or accessory to an image or change the colour of someone's outfit completely.

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