What is a good pack design? Is it about making a pack stand out on the shelf? Is it about the colours? The graphics? The form? At KPS , packaging design is more than just the way it looks. We believe the packaging must do three things. First, it must evoke a response. Trigger emotions that compel the shopper to pick it up. Secondly, it must tell a good story. Often, the pack is the only source for a brand to speak to its prospect. Good pack designs tell great product stories.

Finally, good pack designs must close the sale. Convert a casual browser into an excited shopper. At KPSn, we have the experience of working on brands that straddle both; the large format organized retail chains as well as the crowded dingy mom and pop stores. So we are trained to make our packs work harder.
Without ever straying from our obsessive need to keep things simple.