Karavali Premedia is a Real Estate Photo Editing services with an good experience and providing real estate photo editing services to clients across the globe. We have a team of dedicated personnel who are skilled at transforming ordinary real estate images into extraordinary images. We give your real estate business a real competitive edge with end-to-end real estate photo processing services.

The first thing a potential buyer sees is a photo of your property. Although you may have got the best light and angle, there are still some things in the perspective that need to be edited. For eg: Diverging lines. ceilings that lack interest. Or things that take distract the buyer. Well versed with the problems faced by realtors, and equipped with the knowldge of what kind of pictures make the potential buyer intersted in your property, at KPS, we edit photos to get the light and perspective just right.

Real estate imaging


Removal of flashlight reflaction

Removing Unwanted Objects

Cropping and Rotation

Adjusting Brightness and Contrast

Re-sizing as per request

Sky changing and Image blending

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